Sangora Spend Management Solutions

Sangora arms you with complete understanding of your company’s spending.
It enables you to work with the right suppliers – at the right time – to lower costs and minimize risks.

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Supplier Management

Supplier Management provides you a single, web-based platform you can use to: View up-to-date profiles of all your suppliers; Monitor and manage supplier performance; Assess compliance and manage supply risk ; Quickly identify and assess new sources of supply; Easily on-board new suppliers. In essence, Sangora Supplier Management provides you accurate and up-to-date supplier information for all your trading partnerships, across your organization. It ultimately provides you the powerful tool you need to manage supplier performance and risk.

What will supplier management help you to achieve?

All your supplier data in one place Using just a web browser, access all supplier information, including performance metrics, certifications, insurance documentations, and relationship milestones.

Supplier Portal Our supplier portal allows any supplier to register. Once the registration is confirmed, suppliers can access the portal, complete or update their profile, confirm the reception of an order, view received orders, and generate invoices based on these orders.

Cost savings In addition to supply cost and risk reduction through better supplier management, you can also cut your information processing costs 60 percent to 80 percent.

Updated, accurate information You get user-friendly maintenance tools, and your suppliers get a self-service portal, so they can manage their own profiles and documentation.

Process standardization Streamline your supplier on-boarding process workflows and approvals, then monitor performance with KPI scorecards. Get alerts about any issues that require quick action.

RFX synchronization Supplier management module is synchronized with RFX processes to automatically upload pertinent information, eliminating manual data entry and improving accuracy.

360-degree view Supplier management module provides you a powerful tool to display contracts, quotes, KPIs, and certificates, as well as data about regulatory compliance, supplier parentage, financials, and more in one place

Monitor Suppliers Performance Our supplier management module helps you to select the right suppliers based on your specific requirements. Once selected, it becomes very easy to manage suppliers and control their performance.

Sangora Supplier Network

Sangora Supplier Network service makes supplier search easy, instantly connecting you with high-quality product and service suppliers who are ready to compete for your business and cut your supply costs and risks. Whether you’re engaged in strategic sourcing or spot buying, your search involves just three steps: 1. Describe your needs; 2. Review proposals; 3. Make your selection.

In essence, Sangora Supplier Network helps you find a world of high-quality suppliers at your fingertips, driving bids for your business up, and your costs down.

What will Sangora Supplier Network help you to achieve?

Fast supplier search Create a posting in just five minutes. Soon, often within 24 hours, you’ll be reviewing bids from matched sellers and awarding the business.

Source for any need Find suppliers for virtually any sourcing need, including spot buys, non-strategic spend, indirect spend, low-cost spend, and services spend.

More competition, lower costs By leveraging the competitive bids provided by new sellers, you can reduce your average overall project spend by approximately 15 percent.

Diverse seller network Find new suppliers among a broad base of local, regional, national and global sellers.

Convenient, central access Now you can source more categories, manage RFPs, respond to bids, award contracts, and more, all from a single, intuitive interface.

Facilitated collaboration Online tools enable you to network through sellers you know to find new supply sources, engage in Q&A exchanges, and dialogue via web conferencing tools.


e-Sourcing modules helps you to discover qualified suppliers, speed up your sourcing cycles, and create the most competitive, best-value agreements for rapid, sustainable savings.

You want best-value sourcing agreements, the kind that provide sustainable savings. That takes the right strategic sourcing environment, one that's connected to a powerful supplier network and built with superior tools, expertise, and information. Only then can you stimulate enough competition among qualified sellers to cut costs while minimizing risks.

What will e-Sourcing help you to achieve?

User-friendly application From the simplest RFX to the most complex multi-parameter bids, handy wizards and tools help you launch events, collaborate, and negotiate.

Quick and easy Supplier Connection Create posts with Sangora Supplier Network, a service that matches your needs with qualified sellers on the network.

Sourcing lifecycle automation Automate everything from supplier discovery and dynamic negotiations to savings tracking.

RFP, RFI, RFQ (RFx) Our e-sourcing module offers features that help you with your RFx initiative by creating sourcing events including questionnaires and pricing grids. Once the event is created, you can select suppliers and create an associated folder to collect answers. The entire process has been simplified by collecting all sourcing data in one central tool which can be integrated to contracts and e-catalogs.

Scorecarding Our e-Sourcing can rate suppliers by awarding points to responses based on specific criteria. This rating system facilitates the selection and monitoring of suppliers by comparing their scores.

Questionnaires Questionnaires are used for different purposes. When it comes to eSourcing, questionnaires allow you to include one or several RFIs (Request for Information) in a RFP (Request for Proposal), but also to create surveys. This feature can be integrated to other modules and supports Excel Import/Export feature.

Contract Management

With Contract Management module, you can eliminate the paper and ink from the creation, execution, and management of any type of contractual agreement. This module ultimately helps you to: Manage procurement and sales contracts, internal agreements, etc; Automate and accelerate the entire contract lifecycle; Standardize and control contract development; Collaborate with all stakeholders and; Strengthen operational, contractual, and regulatory compliance.

What will Contract Management help you to achieve?

Easy-To-Use Create contracts quickly and easily using Microsoft Word and pre-approved templates and legal clauses.

Controlled processes You’ll be alerted if pre-approved format or language is modified, helping you control non-standard agreements.

Efficient Collaboration Work quickly and effectively with all stakeholders via a shared workspace on a multi-tenant, web-based platform.

Complete visibility Stay informed throughout the contract cycle with automatic alerts, handy dashboards, and configurable reports.

Central Repository Never lose track of a contract with secure, electronic storage and powerful search tools for access on demand.

On-Time Renewals Receive notifications well in advance of key milestone dates, and make the most of your business opportunities.

Stronger compliance Stay informed about any off-contract activity with controlled processes, automated tracking, and a full audit trail.

End-To-End Commerce Integrate your contract processes with your ERP, or other third-party systems for unrivaled compliance and control.


With our e-procurement module, you can automate all or part of your procure-to-pay process, regardless of your backend ERP, purchasing, or spend-generating system. Users get a fast, consumer-like shopping experience, while you get: Control over all goods and services purchasing; Better collaboration with your suppliers; Negotiated savings reaching the bottom line; Time to engage in more strategic activities.

In essence, e-Procurement module makes procurement as easy as online shopping, automating all or part of your Procure-to-Pay process for greater compliance and cost control.

What will e-Procurement help you to achieve?

Speed Rapid cloud delivery, the most pre-enabled suppliers, and easy supplier onboarding deliver time-to-value within weeks and full program payback in under a year, with minimal demands on IT.

Reach Sangora supplier network enable all users, onboard all suppliers, and manage all catalog content while expanding your opportunities to cut costs and mitigate risks.

Adoption Enjoying a consumer-like, intuitive experience, users will find the goods and services they need from your preferred suppliers, at your preferred prices.

Efficiency Pull all divisions and ERP systems together into one system, connecting all users through a single interface to speed up processes and boost productivity.

Control Capture all spend categories, including complex business services. Monitor spending with complete visibility, provided by configurable dashboards and reports.

Compliance Easy online catalogs, automated tools, and approval flows help ensure compliance with pricing, supplier, and payment policies.

Support Best-practice guidance and support are available to help you drive adoption, onboard suppliers, and beat your savings goals.

Results Shorten buying cycles 50 percent to 70 percent. Realize supply savings of 10 percent. And lower your process costs 25 percent to 60 percent.

Inventory Management

Manage and track inventory, movements and ownerships based on multiple criteria. Sangora’s inventory module can conduct accurate audit trail. Whether you want to track fixed assets, IT assets, stock or other inventory items, our solution will bring complete visibility to your entire inventory in real time.

What will Inventory Management help you to achieve?

Multi Criteria Inventory Tracking Track and manage inventory in terms of description, cost center, tag, serial number or users among other criteria. Our inventory management module records key details for all types of inventories and makes it easy to search for a specific item so you can access and update information in a few clicks

Gain productivity Sangora automates the receiving process and reduces errors by cutting away manual interventions. Get rid of your spreadsheets and keep track of your inventories over time. Our inventory dashboard gives full visibility on balance on hands, stock items, Min/Max quantities, and waited cost of each item. Our solution also offers replenishment features.

Assignments & Accessories With Sangora, you can assign assets to multiple users and cost centers to improve visibility and drive compliance. You can also attach accessories to assets so you can track both the asset and the accessories associated with it.

Monitor movements and ownerships Sangora provides instant real-time inventory visibility and accountability across your organization. Inventory summary reports provide management with up to the minute status on inventory volumes, with detailed reports by Item or by location or by ownership.

Accounts Payable

With Sangora Accounts Payable, your accounts payable operation is moved closer to smart, electronic invoicing. Your invoices thereafter aren't touched as they're transmitted over the network, automatically matched and validated. To this end, your payables are processed quickly, efficiently, and at much lower cost. Meanwhile, your AP staff is free to engage in more strategic activities, perhaps monitoring supplier performance and identifying early-payment discount opportunities.

In essence, Sangora helps you to optimize Accounts Payable and Invoicing - No matter how you’re handling your accounts payables now, Sangora can help you achieve 100 percent digital processing, saving time, cutting costs, and ensuring compliance.

What will Accounts Payable help you to achieve?

Faster invoice cycles When you rid yourself of errors, exceptions, and payment-status calls, you can cut cycle time to five days or less.

Lower costs Eliminate not only in-house scanning, mail room, and storage costs, but also 70 percent or more of related processing costs through touchless processing.

All-Supplier Enablement Many of your suppliers are probably already enabled on the Sangora Supplier Network

100% digitization Digitize and consolidate all invoices into a single, touchless stream, whether submitted on paper, electronically, or via a third-party service provider.

Real-Time Visibility With online dashboards, both buyers and sellers have visibility into approvals, discount opportunities, payments, rejected orders, and more.

Lower Supply Risk Better visibility and collaboration reduces the risk of supply chain disruption while at the same time boosting supplier liquidity.

Dashboards & Reports

Using our powerful standard and custom reports, you will drive better forecast and make strategic decisions. You will also have all the information needed to give your executives. Our system provides you with intuitive dashboards that make it easy for you to monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPI), prevent overspending, and receive automated alerts and notifications.

What will Dashboards & Reports help you to achieve?

Standard & Custom Reports Sangora provides you with standard reports that enable you to control performance, have greater visibility and be proactive. With Sangora, you can also create custom reports based on your own Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and access data updated in real time.

Easy to Use Dashboard More than a simple module, Sangora offers a customizable and intuitive dashboard that provides you with relevant indicators about your activities including sourcing, procurement and budget management.

Role-Based Dashboards Customizable, drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to view, analyze, and report spending, then identify and prioritize savings opportunities.

Automatic Alerts and Notifications Receive alerts, identify the problem and take actions. Set up alerts on any elements and be notified for events such as overspending or outdated supplier certifications.