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Sangora Suppliers Network

Sangora Suppliers Network is an effective lead-generation and opportunity-accessing tool that enables vendors and sellers reach out more effectively to their target markets, however without the usual hassle and high costs involved. With Sangora Suppliers Network, you have access to tools that enable you to promote and advertise your business, products and services to a variety of interested local and international buying organizations. In order to participate, simply create your company profile with details of your selected products and services. Thereafter you will start receiving and responding to leads.

What will Sangora Suppliers Network help you to achieve?

Leads Generation & Business Growth Sangora Suppliers Network gives a window of new business opportunities. It positions you for growth as you now have a unique channel for accessing opportunities not only in your local jurisdiction but around the world including leading international companies.

Superior Marketing Result At the speed of light, you can go online, update and maintain your profile, add or modify products and services. You will find that your return on marketing will also improve as the cost usually spent in marketing operations is drastically reduced.

Enhanced Sales Account Management You will improve your ability to track customers, sales and new business opportunities all in one place.

Quicker Sales Cycles Sangora Suppliers Network gives the ability to accelerate the end-to-end process from lead generation to sales closure.

Advanced Search In Sangora Suppliers Network, you have the tools to search for new opportunities and project including the amount, product/service category, logistics and shipping requirements.

Improved Buyers Collaboration Sangora Suppliers Network offers you in-built functionalities to interact anytime and anywhere with buyers including conducting online meetings and receiving messages to them.

Business Expansion and Competitive Positioning – In Sangora Suppliers Network, the limit to scope and reach of your business solely depends on you. You can scale up to participate at the regional or global level with more functionality to enhance your business visibility and exposure.

Buyer-Seller Matching

Sangora provides you the ability to automatically receive new leads that match your capabilities, products and services. Sangora sends to you email notifications every time a buyer posts a new opportunity that matches your offerings.

What will Buyer-Seller Matching help you to achieve?

Automatic Request Notifications You will receive automatic notification of buyers’ requests for the type of goods or services you offer. Sangora invariably gives you unprecedented access into the world of key decision makers of leading business corporations and institutions.

Increased Leads/Sales With Buyer-Seller Matching, you improve drastically your chance to lock down key accounts and customers that are continually in need of your products/services. Buyer-Seller Matching reduces the effort to conduct time-taking searches for buyers of your services/products.

Reduced Advertisement/Promotion Costs Sangora helps you to hugely reduced your cost of adverts and promos as you are automatically linked to your buyers and customers. The savings from this can then be invested to enhance your business capabilities.

Private Supplier Membership Program

The Supplier Membership Program makes it easy for you to fully engage and collaborate with your prospects and customers on catalogs, orders, and invoices. Here’s where you’ll find the automation, implementation, and support expertise you need to solidify your competitive advantage in today’s networked economy.

What will Supplier Membership Program help you to achieve?

Better Customer Retention As a member of the network, you not only have a strong connection with your customers that can lead to more sales, you also have access to a service that can provide you with leads to new customers.

Easier, Faster, Cheaper and Accurate Bills Processing Participation on Sangora allows you to service your customers electronically through the Network and enables you to achieve several business benefits including fewer processing errors, lower processing costs, faster and more predictable payments.

e-Marketing/Sales Promo

Supplier e-marketing programs that let thousands of buyers on Sangora to know that you offer just what they need, and that you’re ready to do business the way they want.

What will e-Marketing/Sales Promo help you to achieve?

New Networking Opportunities Right Access, Right Time – Gain access to thousands of decision makers from leading global companies at the moment they’re looking for what you offer.

Worthwhile Networking Through e-marketing opportunities, reach out to a targeted network of high-level decision makers.

Greater Share-of-Wallet Find in Sangora, buyers with whom you already do business. Then get customized support to help you connect with them online.

Lead Generation

Usually buyers turn to various sellers, request brochures and other information, and then make a decision. Sales teams were involved early in the buying process, and served as the primary source for purchasing information.

However with Sangora, buyers don’t need to engage with Sales to obtain the information they need in the early stages of the buying process. They have access to a wealth of information online, through search engines and social media sites. They can learn about sellers’ product and service offerings, company reputation and history, without ever requesting any information from Sales.

What will Lead Generation help you to achieve?

Increased Sales With Sangora, you will improve drastically your chance to lock down key accounts and customers that are continually in need of your products/services. Sangora helps you reduce the effort to conduct time-taking searches for buyers of your services/products.

Reduced Advertisement/Promotion Costs Sangora helps you to hugely reduced your cost of adverts and promos as you are automatically linked to your buyers and customers. The savings from this can then be invested in building other strategic capabilities.

Catalog Management

Sangora provides order management and catalog management modules to help you drive affordable and efficient collaboration in your order-to-cash cycle with buyers. Interacting on a single, web-based platform, you’ll be equipped to: collaborate virtually and instantly on orders, confirmations, invoices, payments, and more; improve accuracy and cash flow with visibility into order and invoice status; centralize communications using a consolidated order collaboration dashboard; and react quickly to customers’ e-commerce needs, increasing share-of-wallet.

What will Catalog Management help you to achieve?

Improved Responsiveness Through automated processes on a single, scalable platform, you can speed up responses to new orders, changes, confirmations, cancellations, and advance ship notices.

Full Process Visibility Automated notifications keep you up-to-date about order changes and cancellations, while online access to payment status helps with cash forecasting.

Easy-To-Use There's no order management or catalog management software to install and your IT crew doesn't need to be involved. To start, simply create your Sangora profile.

Single Sign-On Signing on to one platform gives you access to the Sangora Suppliers Network; free buyer-seller matching; software for order management and catalog management; sourcing-event participation, and more.

Better Compliance Consumer-like catalogs, efficient processes, fewer rejected orders, and accurate invoices lead to better contractual and procedural compliance between you and your customers.

Lower Costs Automating communications and document transmittals in a closed-loop manner costs less.

Accuracy and Completeness Network collaboration ensures that orders contain correct and required information, which in turn ensures accurate invoices and faster payment.


Sangora e-Tendering module is collaborative system to facilitate the full lifecycle of a tendering process, for both buyers and suppliers. It offers a secure, interactive, dynamic environment for procurements of any nature, complexity or value, enforcing and encouraging recognised best practices.

Sangora e-Tendering module supports the process of procuring works, services and supplies electronically. Sangora provides for vendors/supplier sub-modules for tenders notification, tender preparation and submission, tender evaluation notification, e-auctions, contract awarding, contract management, creation and management of catalogues, and much more.

What will e-Tendering help you to achieve?

Receive Tenders Notifications Configure your profile for receiving email notifications for newly published Tenders of interest

Access to Tender Documents Obtain full and unrestricted access to documentation of published Tenders of interest

Seamless Tendering Express interest for tenders, thus receiving reminders and notifications for important tendering activities

100% participation Participate actively in tenders. Submit your tenders, requests for clarification and take part in electronic auctions.


Sangora's e-Auction module enables suppliers to enter negotiations via an online platform. Suppliers get the possibility of improving their proposals based on market feedback (e.g. rank in negotiation) and provide a transparent way of conducting negotiations.

What will e-Auction help you to achieve?

Less time to complete eAuction helps buyers to be more efficient and thereby enabling the suppliers to receive more information faster, and benefit from a quicker award decision.

Upfront Planning Suppliers can be confident that the award process has been more thoroughly thought through and the chance of contract being awarded is very high.

Immediate Feedback Auction lets suppliers know where they stand more quickly with immediate feedback. Although suppliers may not like the price compression result of an auction, they cannot argue against the reality that they are getting real time pricing and market position information. They have the ability to make adjustments, if they choose.

Transparency of Process There will be far fewer unknowns at the conclusion of the process from the supplier perspective. If other best practices are adhered to, they should be very aware of what was important in the award decision and also will know how competitive their pricing was, relative to other suppliers.

Better Communication One of the more frustrating things for suppliers is trying to compete for business where they can sense the lack of preparation and can foresee the failure of the project. Better communication and data accuracy builds more confidence in the buyer goal and stronger participation.

Lower Cost of Sales The costs associated with the sales cycle to obtain new customers and retain existing customers can be quite high. By participating in online events, suppliers can streamline processes and reduce cost associated with finding and responding to RFPs.

Sales Contract Management

With Sangora Supplier Network, you can better collaborate with your customers on contracts including creation, negotiation, execution and closure in a more efficient and effective manner.

Sangora Sales Contract Management enables you to: Eliminate paper contracts altogether; Standardize and streamline the contracting process; Employ pre-approved language, terms, and conditions; Accelerate reviews, revisions, and approvals; Store all contracts in a centralized repository; Monitor every stage of the contract lifecycle; Distribute and sign electronically.

What will Sales Contract Management help you to achieve?

Fast Time-To-Value Get underway quickly in the cloud, with lower total cost, always-current versions, and minimal demands on technology infrastructure.

Quicker Process Use pre-approved templates and clauses to standardize sales contract creation and facilitate review and approval.

On-Time Renewals Receive advance notification of expiration dates and other key milestones to make the most of your renewal and upsell opportunities.

Complete Visibility Stay informed throughout the contract cycle with automatic alerts, handy dashboards, and configurable reports.

Central Repository Never lose track of a sales contract with secure, electronic storage and powerful search tools for quick access.

e-Signature Efficiency Add e-signature tools to eliminate shipping and signing delays while boosting the likelihood of closing the deal.

Effective Collaboration Work with all stakeholders easily, using Microsoft Word on a shared, web-based platform. You can even automate some negotiation and collaboration steps.


No matter how you’re handling invoices now, Sangora can help you achieve 100 percent digital processing, saving time, cutting costs, and ensuring compliance. Invoice processing is a continuum, from all-paper and manual to fully digitized and automated. On one end, too much time, money, and frustration are involved in fixing errors, handling exceptions, and fielding supplier calls.

What will e-Invoicing/e-Collection help you to achieve?

Faster Invoice Cycles When you rid yourself of errors, exceptions, and payment-status calls, you can cut cycle time to about five days or less.

Lower Costs Eliminate not only in-house scanning, mail room, and storage costs, but also about 70 percent or more of related processing costs through touchless processing.

100% Digitization Digitize and consolidate all invoices into a single, touchless stream, whether submitted on paper, electronically, or via a third-party service provider.

Real-Time Visibility With online dashboards, both buyers and sellers have visibility into approvals, discount opportunities, payments, rejected orders, and more.

Lower Supply Risk Better visibility and collaboration reduces the risk of supply chain disruption. Automation reduces suppliers’ DSO by five days or more, boosting their liquidity.

Working Capital Optimization Smart invoicing gives you greater control over payment timing, and opens the door to collaborative strategies for optimizing payables and receivables.