Sangora e-Market Network

Sangora e-Market is more than just a supplier network, it’s a commerce network. With our network you can now collaborate with any company, anytime, anywhere.

Connect, Collorate & Profit in Our e-Market Community!

Consulting Services

The Sangora e-Marketplace is a web-based trading and collaboration solution that enables organizations to more efficiently buy, sell, and collaborate.

Within the Sangora e-Marketplace you can:

  • » Access key vendors for office supplies, travel needs, and imaging requirements.
  • » Enable and streamline the entire requisition to payment process
  • » Access industry-wide product information that is aggregated into a common classification and catalogue structure
  • » Interact in an environment where sourcing, negotiations, and other trading processes such as auctions can take place online and in real time
  • » Establish an online community for publishing and exchanging industry news, information, and events.

By bringing together commonly-used suppliers within a real-time marketplace, participants will be able to perform basic exchange transactions and negotiate best prices. The goal of the e-marketplace is to streamline complex business processes and gain efficiencies, while easily, quickly and cost effectively meeting organizations' purchasing requirements. Sangora e-Marketplace enables companies to maximize their buying power and better utilize procurement budgets.