Sangora Procurement Support Services

Sangora is your best procurement support partner that helps you realize the full potential and value of your procurement initiatives through long-term support and alignment.

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Spend Analysis

Spend Analysis Services

Using artificial intelligence, proprietary algorithms and feedback from hundreds of complex engagements, we can assist you to provide granular visibility, as well as consolidated views of spending trends and buying activities in remarkably easy-to-read, easy-to-use formats. We can equally help you to identify additional opportunities for savings using fresh market intelligence and real-world inputs.

In a nutshel, we help leading organization cleanse, validate, classify and report spend data across disparate systems. The outcome is accurate, actionable information, with item-level visibility across the enterprise. Such results are critical to any procurement team's success especially in streamlining strategic sourcing waves, reducing maverick spend and realizing substantial cost savings.

e-Sourcing Support Services

e-Sourcing Support Services

Index Consulting’s sourcing support teams help you slash cycle times while boosting savings.

We bring specific capabilities in each process step and enable parallel execution of activities supporting your category managers throughout the sourcing cycle, so they can address more spend and build stronger relationships with stakeholders.

Through actionable market intelligence, advanced analytics and superior speed of execution, we accelerate and significantly improve decision-making.

Analyzing large spend datasets and identifying savings opportunities. We help you in:

  • » Finding the category cost drivers, time to source or capablesuppliers
  • » Managing suppliers during the sourcing process
  • » Creating and running RFx and auctions
  • » Providing fact-based negotiation scripts
  • » Doing a complex bid optimization analysis
  • » Redlining a contract template
Category Management

Category Management

As procurement continues to evolve toward a strategic enterprise function, Chief Procurement Officers(CPOs) and other senior procurement leaders are routinely evaluated on their team’s strategic contributions to the overall business.

With category management services from Index Consulting, procurement teams in market-leading enterprises all over the globe not only save more money, but also improve supplier performance, mitigate supply risks, and drive innovation and continuous improvement.

We provide real-time visibility into supplier performance, using a comprehensive range of category-specific metrics. But metrics and scorecards are just one element in a rigorous holistic approach that combines analytical rigor, process discipline and best-in-class, proprietary software.

We provide you with:

  • » Real-time market intelligence on commodities and suppliers
  • » Supplier repository Best-practice methodologies across industries and categories
  • » Accurate category planning, including forecasting and budgeting
  • » Category specific metrics and scorecards
  • » Real-time visibility into supplier performance and scorecards
  • » Pro-active contract reviews, renewals and contract compliance
  • » Reduced maverick buying and more spend under management
  • » Real-time measurement and tracking of identified savings vs. realized savings
  • » Continuous annual cost reductions driven by process improvements and innovation
GPO Services

Group Procurement Organization(GPO) Services

Having a good understanding of the categories, the suppliers, the business priorities is critical to achieving rapid time-to-value and maximizing potential savings.

We provide enable industry-level procurement services. We help companies in an industry buy common items at a much more reduced cost.

We support a number of key sectors, including:

  • 1. Manufacturing
  • 2. Energy & Utilitiess
  • 3.High-Tech
  • 4.Pharma, Health and Life Sciences
  • 5.Government & Non-Profit
  • 6.Consumer Packaged Goods
  • 7.Financial Services
  • 8.Travel & Hospitality
Procurement Operations Outsourcing

Procurement Operations Outsourcing

Index Consulting provides clients a flexible set of procurement outsourcing options, custom configured to meet their specific needs.From end-to-end procurement outsourcing to point solutions like category management, strategic sourcing and procurement operations, we help our clients get more value.

Our procurement outsourcing infrastructure operationalizes best practices from across industries, purpose-built on a continually improved, state-of-the-art layer of tools and technology.

On this solid foundation, we incorporate the process, industry and category expertise of hundreds of practicing procurement professionals, the hard-won insights of more than a dozen years of field operations, and the continuing input from our clients – some of the most sophisticated and demanding procurement leaders in global business today.

Sangora e-Market

Sangora e-Market Portal

The Sangora e-Marketplace is a web-based trading and collaboration solution that enables organizations to more efficiently buy, sell, and collaborate.

Within the Sangora e-Marketplace you can:

  • » Access key vendors for office supplies, travel needs, and imaging requirements.
  • » Enable and streamline the entire requisition to payment process
  • » Access industry-wide product information that is aggregated into a common classification and catalogue structure
  • » Interact in an environment where sourcing, negotiations, and other trading processes such as auctions can take place online and in real time
  • » Establish an online community for publishing and exchanging industry news, information, and events.

By bringing together commonly-used suppliers within a real-time marketplace, participants will be able to perform basic exchange transactions and negotiate best prices. The goal of the e-marketplace is to streamline complex business processes and gain efficiencies, while easily, quickly and cost effectively meeting organizations' purchasing requirements. Sangora e-Marketplace enables companies to maximize their buying power and better utilize procurement budgets.

Tail Spend Management

Tail Spend Management

Our Tail Spend Management services help organisations address the challenges associated with managing the '80% of suppliers that represent 20% of spend' across a wide range of categories.

Tail spend is fraught with characteristics that render traditional sourcing approaches ineffective.Poor data visibility, low volume, time sensitivity, unique and often unstable specifications – just to name a few.

We bring field - tested methodologies to bear on tail spend - proven methodologies that bring real results. Our approach is iterative and leverages our strategic sourcing and transactions management capabilities, and proprietary tools,to deliver sustainable results

We provide everything you need to tackle addressable spend not currently being managed in a methodical and sustained manner. The focus is on providing both Procurement and Finance with the tools to:

  • » Increase the range of 'spend under management'
  • » Reduce the volume of suppliers, orders and invoices where possible
  • » Much more efficiently manage the remaining volume of suppliers, orders and invoices associated with tail-spend