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Expense Planning

Expense Planning & Request

Employee-initiated expenses can account for a surprisingly large percentage of total corporate spending. It's more important than ever to track, analyze, and control these expenditures. Get more information sooner, close your books faster, and enforce your policies promptly and consistently enough to make a difference with Sangora

Sangora help organizations reduce the cost and increase the effectiveness of employee-initiated expenditure and revenue processes, including those for travel expenses and entertainment expense claims, travel planning and pre-trip approval, rechargeable time capture, and supplier payment initiation.

Sangora allows even complex, multinational organizations to automate expense-related business processes and enforce policy compliance, reducing associated administrative costs and decreasing the opportunity for accidental error and intentional fraud. With it, companies can implement instantaneous global updates to policies and processes to support continuous improvement, while simultaneously managing local policies and statutory requirements.

Travel and Expense Management

Travel &Expense Management

Business travel is demanding enough without coming home to a mountain of expenses to submit. Sangora Expenses makes travel expense management a snap with features, integrations and mobile expense reporting to win road warriors' hearts and put managers' minds at ease.

Securely store photos of your receipts, with Sangora. Add your credit card transactions to your expense reports with a simple drag and drop, and let our Expense Auto-classification do the heavy lifting. It automatically defaults to the correct category based on your receipt. For example, a receipt for "Arik Airlines" will go to right into "airfare".

For expenses like hotel bills, which often include other charges such as internet, phone or meals, you can tell the system what expenses you need itemized. Employees see the relevant rules as they work through the process, and get prompts to itemize when filling out the forms. You can set it up in a way so everyone knows where they stand with regard to the limits.

Expense Planning

Travel & Expense Approval

With Sangora Travel Expense Approval, you can manage the timely processing of travel expense workflows and provide accurate billing to customers and reimbursement of expenses to employees. This module can connects to your ERP Financials and allows managers to reduce the processing time to approve employees’ travel expenses even right from their smartphones.

Key Features:

  • » View list of travel expense reports to be processed
  • » View policy violation details and ensure adherence to company policy
  • » Approve or reject travel expense reports
Travel Expense Reporting

Travel & Expense Reporting

Sangora helps you simplify the creation of travel and expense reports by enabling business travelers to create expense reports from a mobile device. Travelers can get their charges directly from their corporate wallets to ease the expense reporting process.

At the business level, Sangora provides you tools to create reports from individual details to big picture trends as well as help you get instant visibility into T&E spend trend. Sangora enables you to get information the way you want when you want it through flexible tools and analytics designed to address specific issues affecting your entire company—including dashboards that are mobile-ready and accessible online and offline. You can modify out-of-the-box reports, or create customized, specifically targeted versions that align with the way you measure spend. Then use your data to track compliance, establish baseline metrics and compare spending trends across your organization.

Expense Validation

Expense Validation

Sangora’s automatic payment capability provides you with the fastest, easiest, safest way to validate and reimburse expenses. When an expense report is approved for payment, our expense reporting service automatically calculates the funds to be reimbursed, withdraws the correct reimbursement from your designated bank account and transfers the money straight into the employee’s bank account or to the corporate vendor.

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable

Sangora's Accounts Payable module provides you a tool to systemically and efficiently manage invoice receipt, matching and reconciliation, review and approval, and payment authorization and disbursement. This invariably will transform a paper-based, labor-intensive process into a streamlined and strategic focused operation.

Sangora enables you to take complete control of your accounts payable function and reduce your costs, speed month end close, and ultimately increase your bottom line.