e-Auction Solutions

e-Auction solutions helps you deliver rapid results without adding significant fixed costs, infrastructure, people and all the attendant risks and headaches.

Use our e-Auction to drive your sourcing negotiations!

Consulting Services

Sangora's eAuction module will ensure you achieve true market pricing for any goods or services, regardless of whether the market itself is rising or falling. This kind of online negotiation can be utilized to streamline your procurement process, resulting in increased savings that reflects directly on your bottom-line. So not only will you save money on your products and services, you will save time as well - time that can be spent on creating more value for you, for instance sourcing for new suppliers.

Key benefits for you using eAuctions:

  • » Time savings - an eAuction does not have to take longer than ½ hour, compared to a usual negotiation process that can take days
  • » Money savings - latest results show average savings compared to current prices from 15 to 18%
  • » Higher level of market transparency
  • » Enhances competition as most often more suppliers are included compared to a usual negotiation process
  • » Accelerates pace of collection and comparison of quotes
  • » Global participation on real-time basis

Key features of the Sangora e-Auction module:

  • » Easy to use - for event manager as well as supplier
  • » Stakeholder role - collaborate on setting up and conducting eAuctions
  • » Spectator role - invite your colleagues to follow your eAuctions
  • » You can create your own templates and reuse existing eAuctions
  • » Several display options for you to choose - e.g. show leading bid, show ranking and show leading/not leading
  • » Long list of additional functionality - e.g. individual starting prices, proxy bidding, blindfolding of participants, reserved price indicator, link lines and partial quantity bidding
  • » Sealed bidding - ensures no access to bidding info until after the auction is over
  • » Flexibility - functionalities can be combined as you require
  • » eAuction settings can be altered during the event - e.g. display options, bid difference and extension unit
  • » Detailed audit log tracking all actions - ready for filtering and print
  • » Multi-lingual - supports major international languages
  • » Easy accessible electronic repository for all your negotiations
  • » High level of security is guaranteed